Interview with Aborted, June 24th 2008


Hi, first off all I just want to congratulate you with your new album "Strychine.213".

Are you satisfied with it?


Aborted: Thank you sir! We are indeed very satisfied with it, from the song writing to the performance to the production and artwork everything pretty much went the way we wanted it to go, look and sound, the whole album has been a big group effort and the result is very satisfying,  we can't wait for it to be out and people to check it out, and see the new material on stage!


Where do you see the main difference between "Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture" and your new album?


Aborted: In one word, more compact. More efficient song writing, more groove and catchiness, slaughter and apparatus for us was mainly a studio album, where to this is really an album where each song perfectly lends to be played live and work, that was the whole idea when we were writing the album and for the songs we have already played live it has been proven to work quite well: p:p


What's the actual goal you want to achieve through the "Strychine.213" release?


Aborted: Promote the band to the next step I guess, we mainly want to tour a lot and promote the album as it should, with the previous album we didnít get the chance to tour outside of Europe and this time everything seems to finally be falling in place, the feedback of a lot of hard work and we couldnít be happier with it. We currently are on tour in the US and itís just fucking amazing!!



Will you stick to this sound on the next album, too, or will there be changes to the ABORTED Sound?


Aborted: I think every album is different for aborted so we donít know what the next one will be like, we are definitely happy to work with Eric Rachel and will most likely do the whole next production with him. so production wise it will be in the same direction but most likely better since we will record with him as well.


How long do you need to practice to feel comfortable with your songs before you record them?


Aborted: It depends you know, we practiced for a few weeks before the studio and everyone works hard at home, mainly its practicing to play them live that takes more time than for the recordings, there are way more outside factors that come into play when you are on stage than when you are in a studio, and you only get one shot live to do it good ha ha ha.


Who has produced and mixed your new album?


Aborted: We recorded it ourselves with our live engineer Gail Liebling in Holland, and it got mixed in the US by Eric Rachel, who is known from the Black Dahlia Murder, The Red Chord, and much more, it was great to work with Eric and as said we hope to do it again in the future!


Who has done the cover artwork to "Strychine.213"?


Aborted: A young British artist called Collin Marks, very talented photographer and designer, all the images there are taken by himself and manipulated by him, this is one of the if not the favourite aborted cover art for us for our entire career. He did an amazing job!!!


What are the best and worst trends in metal today?


Aborted: I don't really follow the trends to be honest, I guess like most trends the good thing about it is that it always exposes other things as well to a larger audience which is good for everyone, the bad things are well, lots of bands sounding the same, ha ha ha.


What tasks presently lie ahead for Aborted?


Aborted: We are currently on the road in the US on this killer SUMMER SLAUGHTER tour for 6 weeks, it has truly been an incredible experience for the band so far, after that we have some summer festivals in Europe and then we return to the US for a tour with CARCASS in September which we can't even believe is happening, this is going to be insane and we are tripping balls ha ha ha.


I thank you very much for participating in this interview and sharing this information and your thoughts with us - these last lines are entirely for you. Any final words you would like to round off with - a tip, a recommendation or a thought for the future?


Aborted: Thank you for the support! hope to see all you maniacs on stage some time soon and keep it metal! check out the new album and drink lots of milk, its good for you and us!





Interviewed by Peter Laursen

Aborted - Strychnine.213

Album available on Century Media Records.

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