Rating: 90/100

Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen, August '04
Label: None
Producer: Jacob Hansen
Style: Rock ’n’ Heavy

Beat The Meat

If there is an interface between Elvis Presley and Life Of Agony, Danish Volbeat is it!

The band’s second demo CD “Beat the Meat” is an astonishing exploration of rock’n’roll, pumped up, emotional NY hardcore and heavy metal. The sound is decidedly American, but Volbeat manages to give their music a personal touch.

The Volbeat crew is not entirely new to the Danish metal scene; vocalist and guitarist Michael Poulsen as well as bass player Anders Kjølholm were part of death’n’roll combo Dominus who existed for ten years before finally dissolving in 2001.

Michael Poulsen is the main driver and idea man behind the band which is completed by guitarist Teddy Vang and drummer Jon Larsen.

It’s great to hear a band that dares to say “fuck you” to the local scene and be different from anything else here. Although always balancing on the edge of cheesiness, the band never crosses that line because of the underlying heaviness of their music and because they obviously know how to put songs together. The six tracks on the demo simply ooze of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll and you have to either love it or hate it. Particularly Poulsen’s voice will be a challenge to some listeners, but fans of Life Of Agony, I’m certain, will for the most part appreciate what he’s doing.

If I should put my finger on something, it would have to be the fact that the band doesn’t get anyone to go through their lyrics before recording…they’re filled with mistakes...

Visit www.volbeat.dk to learn more about the band. The demo songs are available for download – do try this at home!