Ghost Machinery

Rating: 78/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, January '05
Sound Riot Records
Neo Classical Power Metal

Haunting Remains

Vocalist & guitar-player of Burning Point, Pete Ahonen, formed Ghost Machinery back in 2002 and "Haunting Remains" is their debut album. What do we have here? - Melodic powermetal and melodic neo classical power metal.

Some of the songs here on "Haunting Remains" are actually very good. If you are into melodic neo classical power metal, take a listen to: "World Of Unbelievers", "Blinded Eyes", "Evil Within Us", "From The Edge Of The World" and "Darkest Hour", I'm sure that you will share my opinion, when I say, that the future of Ghost Machinery could be very bright.

Every song here features a different atmosphere, and are pleasantly well-executed, but don't expect a groundbreaking release. This album is dynamic, energetic and driving and offer enough variety to please a lot of power metal-fans out there.

Letís see in the future what they will give us, we might be surprised.

Recommended tracks: See above.