Power of Metal.dk Review

Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 21 November, 2014
Playing time: 51:24

The unique and epic British hard rock band TEN is back with a new and very fresh album. This time, this amazing band has grown into an 7 piece orchestra. Three guitarist stands for some brilliant guitar debauchery, but it is still the amazing vocalist Gary Hughes, who's the captain and frontman of this classy hard rock battleship. There are two new members in the band since their last album 'Heresy and Creed' which came in 2012; Dann Rosingana and Steve Grocott, both handling the guitars together with John Halliwell. This has changed TEN's sound a bit and I have to say: "it has evolved for the better". A thicker and solid hard rock base with the lush and high quality melodies, which covers the cake like sweet, whipped cream with a chocolate topping.

'Albion' rushes out of the starting blocks with the half prog rock track 'Alone in the Dark Tonight' and sounds just as I had expected, it's both sophisticated and melodic at the same time, with many layers of brilliant musicality. 'Battlefield' is a big song with Gary Hughes' charming vocals and of course guitar combinations that are played on the higher qualitative scale. One of the finest songs is 'It's Alive' with big choruses and nice keys from Darrell. The pompous and powerful 'Albion Born' is truly an 100% British rock song with big fat elements of the English major power time. A blend of folk and rock music in a majestic blend; tastes of some classic Gary Moore sound. The calm and quite stunning ballad 'Sometimes Love Takes the Long Way Home' is one of the best tracks on 'Albion'. A great and powerful experience with wonderful vocals from Gary. A catchy song with groovy rhythms is the cheeky 'A Smugglers Tale' where Gary sings with a proud chest and TEN delivers very stylish adult rock as well.

The 7:28 long 'Die for Me' is more classically structured and it has wonderful old-fashioned 70's rock in the veins, but that has been thinned out with modern rock loops and several delicate guitar stuff. The technical track 'It Ends This Day' tickles my progressive nerves. This is a magic song with superb vocals from Gary and it sounds thicker than the London fog in November. 'Gioco D'Amore' is a bombastic, powerful ballad in Italian style. Very unique and special song with amazing guitars. This music piece of art closes with 'Wild Horses'; another epic and wonderful song from these British gentlemen. TEN has their own sound and doesn't care about hit charts or what's popular at the moment. It's hard to get tired and sick of TEN's albums. I still have ''Heresy and Creed'' on my Ipod and "Albion" will also probably remain for years as well!!!

Very adult hard rock with robust progressive rock splashes. If you like your hard rock in many different colors and layers, Tens new album "Albion" is a mandatory purchase for your CD collection!

Line up:
Gary Hughes vocals, backing vocals, programming
Dann Rosingana - guitars
Steve Grocott - guitar
John Halliwell guitars
Steve Mckenna - bass guitar
Darrel Treece-Birch - keyboards
Max Yates drums

01. Alone In The Dark Tonight
It's Alive
Albion Born
Sometimes Love Takes The Long Way Home
A Smugglers Tale
Die For Me (Single)
It Ends This Day
Gioco D'Amore
Wild Horses
Label: Rocktopia Records
Distribution: Rock 'n' Growl PR
Artwork rating: 95/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 19 November, 2014
Website: www.tenofficial.com