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Sonic Station
Next Stop
Style: Hard Rock /AOR
Release date: 23 May, 2014
Playing time: 52:13

Alexander Kronbrink is a very gifted guitar player and producer. He is back with his brainchild Sonic Station and this time they have a new male lead singer; Johan Boding. Marika Willstedt is still the female lead singer, but with Johan by the mic Sonic Station raises from the other unknown bands in this soft hard rock genre. I saw Johan on a stage together with the Swedish guitar legend Janne Schaffer back in 2012 and was stunned by his vocal ability. His voice is high and crystal clear and it fits like hand in a glove to Sonic Station's music. This is a different album compared to what I listened to on their debut from 2012. The melodies are much stronger and the sound is "bigger". The move from Frontiers Records to Avenue Of Allies seems to been a good boost.

This is maybe the most silky music we usually do review on this site, but I'm weak for high quality rock with talented vocalists and gifted musicians. Alexander Kronbrink's music is something that fans of band like: Mecca, Lionville, Work of Art, Toto, Styx, Chicago and Giant have to discover. I find it very attractive that Johan and Marika shares the vocals. It creates an interesting blend of heart and soul in the tracks. A big difference from the debut album is that this time the guitars are heavier and it sounds more determined and it sounds rockier overall. 'Next Stop' is packed in a flawless production and all through, it sounds very neat and melodious, it does at times sound even little too tidy for a pedant. I like that Alexander has had the guts to go little heavier than before and it will pay in my overall rating. To all death, thrash, heavy metal fans: This is not an album for you, but all you AOR/Westcoast lovers must check this album out! Not a future classic rock disc, but good musical craftsmanship is always enjoyable.

A very successful sequel to what in my opinion were a weak debut. This will pave the way for Sonic Station and they will bring a lot more water to the mill. To all of us, who enjoy adult, melodic rock music has a new band to put in our CD collection.

Top tracks: Amelia, Catch Me If You Can, Where Are You Now?, Half of My Heart and Love Clash.

Johan Boding: Lead vocals and background vocals
Marika Willstedt: Lead vocals and background vocals 
Alexander Kronbrink: Guitar, synthesizers, drum programming and background vocals
Jonathan Fritzén: Keyboards 
Erik Metall: Bass
Thorleif Robertsson: Drums
Additional musicians:
Mathias Garnås: Bass and background vocals
Arvid Svenungsson: Additional synthesizers
Andreas Ekstedt: Percussion
Conny Lindgren: Strings
Matilda Bådagård: Background vocals
Matilda Lindell: Background vocals
Rebecca Petersson: Background vocals
Uffe Söderberg: Background vocals

01. Amelia
Catch Me If You Can
Brighter After Dark
Fool For Your Love
Stopped Beating
Where Are You Now?
Half Of My Heart
Broken Man
Love Clash
Last Goodbye
Hide And Seek
Label: Avenue Of Allies
Distribution: H'ART
Artwork rating: 84/100
Reviewed by: Patrik J Skoglund
Date: 20 May, 2014
Website: www.sonic-station.com