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Is War the Answer?
Style: Melodic Metal
Release date: 24 January, 2014
Playing time: 38:46

The third album from the Italian metal band Pavic is called 'Is War the Answer?'. This is a brand new acquaintance for me and it's actually a very pleasant company they provide me with on this musical journey. This is the third album from Pavic and they have switched vocalist since the last album; 'Unconditioned' and was released in 2008. The debut album 'Taste Some Liberty' was released back in 2005, and by the way, both these are available on Spotify.

Either way, they have an excellent and strong singer in Joe Calabro, who actually keeps a very high international standard. He has a similar voice to Chris Cornell in Soundgarden/Audioslave and the music is quite close to those bands as well. Modern metal with powerful splashes of post-grunge rock, and in some tracks I hear hints of prog metal, if I must designate the music genre.

Especially in title track 'Is War the Answer? it's really smoky, hard and at the same time very melodic metal that burst out through my speakers. The band's name-setting guitarist, Marco Pavic is a major reason that this album stands all the way through the ten tracks that the disc contains. Marco puts spicy guitar riff that rescues some of the so-so tunes, and turns them into strong and durable songs. 'Song for the Rain' is a beautiful power ballad that could become an international radio hit with the right support. (My wife just want to hear this song over and over again). I prefer 'Your Own Misery', 'In Your Eyes' and 'Strong Enough', which are more in my metal taste.

I have to put the light on their cover of Duran Duran's old hit song 'Notorious', which they made pretty heavy and fresh (the guitar solo is a killer) version of. I skip down to  'Welcome to My World', which is my second favorite on the album. The hard drumming and the gleaming guitars with some breathtaking vocals from Joe is just stunning.

No revolutionary tracks that would inspire me to go around the continent to listen to them live or so, but a genuine and solid musical piece of art.

I will keep Pavic in my mind and for all readers, who likes bands like Stone Sour, Shinedown, Soundgarden / Audioslave, SIXX AM and Fozzy - here you have a album you have to get your hands on.

Joe Calabro: vocals
Marko Pavic: guitars
Aleks Ferrara: bass
Lorenzo Antonelli: keyboards
Antonio Aronne: drums

01. Is War The Answer?
In Your Eyes
Song For The Rain
Your Own Misery
Every Time I Die
Strong Enough
Welcome To My World
Free Fall
Once Again
Label: New Venture Music
Distribution: GerMusica
Artwork rating: 73/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 17 January, 2014
Website: www.pavictheband.com