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The Enemy Within
Style: Melodic Thrash Metal
Release date: 27 October, 2014
Playing time: 46:43

The second (and unfortunately the last) album of the remarkable thrash formation from LA – HOLY TERROR, is called „Mind Wars“ (1988). One of the original members of these classicists – the guitar player Mike Alvord deletes twenty six years from the time line and continues the work with the help of Italian plotters. As HOLY TERROR had at least three attempts for reformation, the project MINDWARS till now is their most vital inheritor.

The original voice of the band- prototype could not fulfill its duties (R.I.P. Keith!), and that is why Mr. Alvord had occupied the microphone. It has been a difficult decision, because the vocals in the album are supported of too much hard studio work, and definitely are sung at the level of a layman. This adds an archaic sound to the recording. The more melodic decisions in the guitars as well as in the singing relate MINDWARS to melodic thrash metal of the late WHIPLASH, LAAZ ROCKIT, FORTE or BELIEVER. The concept of the album has also a taste of the 80es with a tiny note of selfishness. The demonstration of acoustic virtuosity is presented in the introduction and in the remarkable thrash ballad „Lost“. The quotes from the news are also in the style of the 80es and the 90es but we missed them for a long time to replace the interactive noise of pseudo-sensations.

„The Enemy Within“, although it contains retrospections, is a very serious hit in the melodic thrash metal style. The remarkable thing in it is the unique and mature approach toward riffs and music, with which Mike Alvord bursts out after the times of silence. If the unified rap-core screams bother you, and the contemporary revivals of the full of quotes blackened thrash/speed are too dirty for you, MINDWARS is a band for you! They are unique, musical, and social. They bring back to us values that we are preparing to leave behind.

01. Upside Down
Death Comes Twice
Final Battle
Masters of War
Speed Kills
Time in the Machine
Walking Alone
Label: Punishment 18 Records
Distribution: Punishment 18 Records
Reviewed by: Rock Thrashler
Date: 4 December, 2014
Website: www.mindwarsofficial.com