Power of Metal.dk Review

Free Beer... Surf's Up
Style: Thrash Metal
Release date: 22 November, 2014
Playing time: 43:12

This is the second full length album for the fans of flammable drinks after they took time for drinking the necessary quantity of inspiration and fulfilled the empty spaces on the table (we suspect). ALKOHOLIZER return back stronger then ever and charged with high speed, fun, but also serious messages.

The Italians move in a rut where the steps of TANKARD and SACRED REICH reverberate, but they make it with a style. The fast rhythm section lays under speed metal riffs during the whole album. The thrash vocals do not seek something more than a good articulation of the lyrics but they have specific own melodies. The bass Fabrizio Fele had taken the lead microphone in the band yet in 2013 and this fits him well. A joke with a motive from the movie ‘Desperado’, and some other successful tricks, take care for the mood of the listeners to make them facing the truth of the present day.Two songs in middle tempo proofed that ALKOHOLIZER could not be in a hurry all the time. For final the band makes a replica to the hip hop culture that reminds from where began ANTRAX and BODY COUNT in some of their inspirations.

The new release of the Italians is pleasant and carries a good mood. There are multilayered messages in it that will make you play the album again. I could not say something more than “good thrash metal” because I did not hear something exceptional in „Free Beer... Surf's Up“. But the good mood is quite enough!

01. The Hogmosh – Nozno Strikes Back!!!
Surfin' Beer
Breathalize and Destroy
Sistem Abberation
Never Come Back Sober!!!
Antisocial Trap
The Skating Madness
Mind Pollution
Stop Hit off the Ghetto – Join The Boar Party!!!
Label: Punishment 18 Records
Distribution: Punishment 18 Records
Reviewed by: Rock Thrashler
Date: 18 December, 2014
Website: Alkoholizer @ Facebook