Power of Metal.dk Review

IV: Empires Collapse
Style: Thrash Metal
Release date: 28 October, 2013
Playing time: 41:36

Number four from this new wave of thrash act. All their previous albums were packed full with well played thrash, but with hardly an original note. On this fourth album this five piece does exactly the same. There is one thing however I want to praise them for and that is the variety. In contrast with other NWOT groups like Evile, Municipal Waste or Havok, they don't play the same style of thrash in every song. Take for example the new Evile album...., on every song they copy old school Metallica, which (if you like that) isn't a problem, but can get boring after a few songs. Warbringer is also old school thrash from start to finish, but the songs are all different and have a big variety. Sometimes they even remind me of Death Angel in their early years.

They serve us real thrash (Kreator, Destruction) hammers like "Horizon", more punk influenced songs like "The Turning of the Gears" (Death Angel) and "One Dimension" (Pro-Pain, Sick of it All), black(death)-metal sounding guitar sounds in "Hunter-Seeker", Maiden-like twin guitars in "Black Sun, Black Moon", catchy thrash in "Dying Light" and Bay Area thrash (Exodus) in "Tower of the Serpent". Another very positive point is the singing of John Kevill. He has the perfect thrash metal sound and I think a lot of bands will be jealous that he isn't their front man. Although Warbringer will never get the same status as Exodus, Death Angel or Kreator, they sure take the lead compared with their contemporaries.

Compared with the new Evile album you can even put the stamp original on them!

01. Horizon
02. The Turning of the Gears
03. One Dimension
04. Hunter-Seeker
05. Black Sun, Black Moon
06. Scars Remain
07. Dying Light
08. Iron City
09. Leviathan
10. Off With Their Heads!
11. Tower of the Serpent
Label: Century Media
Distribution: Universal (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 25 October, 2013
Website: www.warbringermusic.com