Power of Metal.dk Review

Collapse of the Anthropocene
Style: Progressive Doom/Death Metal
Release date: 9 November, 2013
Playing time: 71:54

After 3 EP's this Dutch band is finally releases their full-length debut album. Every time I hear new music from this band, they have matured and developed their style. What also helps is that the sound (production) on every album is better. Most of the tracks are new, although the first song "The Blood of Millions" was already on their EP 'Exit Reality'.

The biggest difference from the earlier albums is that there are a lot more faster parts on this album and more variety. On the other hand their original combination of death, doom, black,  progressive and 70's rock music stayed and has flourished. A lot of albums I listen to are rather easy to review, because big parts sounds very much a-like an other rather known band. The music of  Dimaeon however isn't easy to compare with other bands. Staccato riffs go hand in hand with progressive parts, Hammond sounding synths, growling and grunting vocals, jazzy pieces, melodic parts and this all with an ongoing drive. Like I already said, the tempo in several songs is much higher than what we are used from their earlier work. But there is also more groove, like for example in the songs "Cascade" and "Black Dawn".

If you thought that melo-death/doom couldn't develop any further I advice you to listen to this album. This isn't yet another Opeth-sounding weak extract, but just Dimaeon! There isn't a band I know that sounds like them and that makes them unique!. If you are a death, doom or progressive metal/rock fan (that doesn't hate grunts..), I advice you to check them out because it might work for you like it worked out for me.

01. The Blood of Millions
02. Dark Century
03. Subterraneous
04. The Ruins of Mankind
05. Cascade
06. Black Dawn
07. Grass Mountain
08. Regolith
09. Collapse of the Anthropocene
Label: Layered Reality Productions
Distribution: Layered Reality Productions
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 9 November, 2013
Website: www.dimaeon.com