Power of Metal.dk Review

Conan's First Date
The Devil is on the Loose
Style: Modern Thrash/Alternative
Release date: 2013
Playing time: 44:27

This is the second full length of this Hungarian band. I have listened to it a few times now and it still doesn't convince me. The music isn't the problem, no it is the vocals. Their music is modern thrash based, with a lot of groove. On top of that there are some stoner, djent parts and a hardcore attitude. Also some lesser heavy parts are embedded, which reminds me a bit of grunge.

I have to admit that the mix of the different influences isn't bad and that the songs are decent written tracks. What irritates me the most is the singing... Márton Bencze uses different styles and the positive part is that the growling/grunting style is o.k. The low grunts stick nicely to the music. It is the clean singing that bores, take for example the opening song "The Man, The Monster", or the track "Dethronement", which musically aren't bad, but the tired uninspired clean singing spoils them. After the first track I almost quit listening, but the groove in the song made me move on. Besides the growls and clean singing there are parts where he wants to sound more aggressive and starts singing in a hardcore kind of style. A song like "Jailbreak" is completely spoiled through; this is my opinion off course. "Revolution of the Flesh" is one of the best tracks and that is because there are no clean singing parts involved.

I advice you to listen to this album first and if you have no problem with the vocals, I think you will like it, because the quality is there...

01. The Man, The Monster
02. Uncovering
03. Undead Ballet
04. Dethronement
05. Tear It Apart, Break It Down
06. Stellar Wonder
07. Jailbreak
08. Revolution of the Flesh
09. Fangs and Claws
Label: Independent
Distribution: Infinite Metal Promotion
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 23 August, 2013
Website: www.conansfirstdate.hu