Power of Metal.dk Review

Style: Thrash Metal/Progressive Metal
Release date: 11 September, 2012
Playing time: 62:57

Even though Prototype has been around in some kind of form for close to 2 decades we really haven't heard much from them lately, their latest album "Continuum" dates back to 2005. The song writing team in the band has always been Kragen Lum (guitars) and Vince Levalois (guitars/vocals), and now they are ready to unleash their latest creations to the metal community.

The time has passed them by without leaving any scars on the music: it's still aggressive riffs combined with progressive parts supporting Levalois' metaphorical lyrical universe. To say they pick up where they left us seven years ago would be the truth with a few modifications... the modern sounds play a bigger part in the sound universe, without ever dominating and I think the melody-lines are the best they've ever written.

But fear not; they have not turned into a modern metal monster or a melodic metal band; the sound is still solid founded in the 80s thrash metal scene, just with a few twists and turns. I feel the album has more in common with "Trinity" than with "Continuum", which in my book is a good thing. "Catalyst" is Prototype's most complete album to date, the pieces seem to fit better together, the production is very good and the musicianship is high.

So if you know their earlier albums then I see no reason why you shouldn't like this one...!

01. Inceptum
02. Catalyst
03. Cynic Dreams
04. The Chosen Ones
05. Illuminatum
06. My Own Deception
07. Into Oblivion
08. Impetus
09. Gravity Well
10. The Ageless Heart of Memory
11. Exiled
12. Communion
Label: Nightmare Records
Distribution: Nightmare Records
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: 8 September, 2012
Website: www.prototypeonline.com