Power of Metal.dk Review

Lord of Mushrooms
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: 27 February, 2012
Playing time: 67:16

Lord of Mushrooms was founded in the late 90’s by Laurent James (guitars) and Julien Negro (bass). “Seven Deadly Songs” (2005) is one of my all times favourite from the progressive world, with its top class songs and its amazing singer Julien Vallespi.

I had naturally high expectations with “Perspectives”, seven years after “Seven Deadly Songs”, and three new musicians. I cannot forget Vallespi, but Gus Monsanto’s (ex Adagio) solid performance needs to be treated fairly, as Marco Talevi’s work on drums. A warm applause for Luca Mariotti’s keyboards: I will tell you why.

After a first listening in my car with only half an ear, I could say the record starts with a catchy “Imago”, then a nice mid-tempo “Warmth in the Wilderness”, then varied pieces. There is nothing new under the sun, but...

...the progressive music is composed with stratums: the instant level, then the following ones, with all these details you discover, which often make the difference between a good and an excellent record. This special touch comes especially from the keyboards here, really inspired.

“Perspectives” will perhaps not change the progressive history, but the more you will listen to it, the more you will appreciate it, if you are person of good... taste, as Dracula used to say.

01. Imago
02. Warmth in the Wilderness
03. Grace (Dedicated to…)
04. Circles on the Water
05. The Missing Link
06. Red Queen’s Race
07. Light and Thunder
08. Raindrops on my Wings
09. Nyx’s Robe
10. Awaken
11. Falling
Label: Lion Music
Distribution: Border Music Distribution AB
Reviewed by: Philippe Leconte
Date: 5 February, 2012
Website: www.lordofmushrooms.net