Descent into Chaos
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: 20 November, 2010
Playing time: 57:13

The Stone Age in metal cannot pass over. Mr StoneAge took care for this personally. He lighted the fire in 1982 with the band COVEN (there are two more bands with the same name only at the territory of USA) and now he regenerates BUTCHER after 14 years of silence.


The tracklist of “Welcome to the Night” contains 14 songs, but if you open the CD you will see 26 tracks. There are lots of samples from news emissions and commercials which are included in the album. All of them contribute to the whole picture of the falling into decay society full of sex and violence. Brave and reasonable – when you are listening to an album things are not passing by your ears and you can put your mind on them.


The gender of the songs is focused on the NWOBHM - exactly in the period when VENOM started the war against the pure sound and the transformation of metal to a pop-culture. At the same time there is a lot of Rock ‘n’ Roll in the music – something done by SAXON in their early releases. Besides the solo female vocalist Lil Tang in the album of BUTCHER also sing StaneAge (bass) and Joel Myers (guitars). In “Welcome to the Night” are included a parody tender female vocals (“Silence”, “Halloween”) which are at least a big surprise. So, you receive a rather varied collection of metal songs! This almost an hour lasting pleasure cannot bore you and the various vocals turn it into a soundtrack of the cheerful apocalypse.


The teenage nave cover artwork misleads my expectations. The second album of BUTCHER is a multilayer one and is created after ample deliberation. You can get the stone chopper and bleed just as you please!


01 Full Moon (Prologue)
02. The Dark
03. King of the Hill
04. Battleaxe
. Shockwave
06. Silence
07. Wreck 'N' Ball
08. Halloween
09. Gates of Hell
10. Your Own Enemy
11. Days of Troy
12. Welcome to the Night
14. The Awakening - A Grim Reality (Epilogue)

Label: Inferno Records
Distribution: Inferno Records
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: 20 January, 2011
Website: www.myspace.com/butcherusa