The Engraving
Style: Hardrock
Release date: May 15th 2010

Norwegian band Ghost released this debut a few months ago. Last year’s EP received promising reviews, but the band couldn't find a (suitable) label to release this album. This self release is a very professional one, the artwork, the inlay with the lyrics and the production are of high quality. For that reason you don't necessary need a label, just for promotion and touring it is (almost) a must.

Ghost was formed in 2002 and their musical roots lie in the 80's with a combination of melodic hard rock and metal. European hard rock with a metallic edge. The title track is a catchy hard rock song with good vocals and catchy parts. The vocals of Kim Sandvik are clean with a rough warm smoky sound. The guitar work is rather crispy and edgy and therefore the band sounds rather heavy instead of whimpy.

The most interesting point in their music is that they have written songs that sound familiar without copying a particular band or style. It all sounds very natural and of course they use several influences of the bigger metal bands in the genre, but they never sound like them. After the last track "Here I Am"; an up-tempo song with a nice drive you will certainly push the replay all button.

If you like heavy music that fills the gap between hard rock and metal I advice you to check them out.


01. The Engraving

02. AWAT

03. Surgery

04. Agent Down

05. Craving

06. Alive

07. Taking Lives

08. One Last Favor

09. Independence Day

10. Here I Am

Label: Self Release
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: September 8th 2010