Gallows End
Nemesis Divine
Style: Classic Power Metal
Release date: June 25th 2010

Swedish Heavy Metal band Gallows End has made a debut that will find its way to many classical power metal lovers. Like so many other Scandinavian bands, Gallows End has some very talented members and in Thord Klarstrom they have a very good singer. After a spoken Manowar kind of intro, the first song hammers away. The song has a very melodic and contagious solo guitar-line and is rather up-tempo.

The songs are nice to head bang to and they easily switch from up-tempo to mid-tempo and slower tracks like "No Return" and "The End". One fact stays and that is the heavy guitars and the melodic singing lines. Heavy Metal with influences of Iron Maiden, Armored Saint, Priest and Saxon. Nothing new, but they all play it very well, take for example the galloping guitars in "Set the World In Flames" and you will have to admit that this is the music you like and you won't mind the lack of originality at all. Skilled musicians that know how to write good songs with great harmonies and with enough variety.

The fast song "Storm of Fate" reminds me of Helloween or perhaps I need to say Gamma Ray, anyway the track could be written by any of them. Epic song "Riders of the North" finishes this debut and I have to say that I will be listening to it regularly. A nice debut for all the classical (power) metal lovers.


01. Nemesis Divine (Trial of Gods)

02. Soul Collector

03. Kingdom of the Damned

04. No Return

05. The Curse

06. Set the World In Flames

07. Not Your Own

08. Different Eyes

09. The End

10. The Unborn Flag

11. Storm of Fate

12. Riders of the North


Farvahar Records


Metal Revelation

Nightmare Records

Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: June 22nd 2010