Lex Metalis
Style: Heavy Metal /Thrash Metal
Release date: October 13th 2009

Ultimatum hails from New Mexico, USA and this is their 5th full length release if I’m correct. They were formed in 1992 and their music is a mixture of traditional heavy, power/speed/thrash metal.


Before I received this album called ‘Lex Metalis’ I was only familiar with ‘The Mechanics of Perilous Times’ which is a solid release in my book, so I was quite curious to give ‘Lex Metalis’ a listen.


With ‘Lex Metalis’ Ultimatum pays tribute to some of their metal heroes, such as; Metal Church, Saxon, Metallica, Iron Maiden and Overkill, to name a few.


There’s actually not much to tell about this release. If you like Ultimatum and don’t have a problem with singer Scott Waters’s unique vocals then you definitely need this album in your Ultimatum collection.


I don’t have a problem with Scott Water’s voice and some of the songs here comes down quite well. “Ton of Bricks”, “Denim and Leather”, “Metal Health”, “Steeler”, “Powersurge” and “Iron Fist”  are all done with conviction while songs such as; “Moto Psycho” and “Sin After Sin”  sounds like a joke to me.


All in all a solid tribute album that will find its way into my CD-player from time to time.


01. Ton of Bricks (Metal Church)

02. Locked in Chains (The Moshketeers)

03. Sin After Sin (Twisted Sister)

04. Creeping Death (Metallica)

05. Denim & Leather (Saxon)

06. Gut Wrench (Mortification)

07. Moto Psycho (Megadeth)

08. Metal Health (Quiet Riot)

09. Steeler (Judas Priest)

10. Iron Fist (Motörhead)

11. Can't Get Out (Vengeance Rising)

12. Powersurge (Overkill)

Label: Retroactive Records
Promotion: Infinite Metal Promotion
Artwork rating: 58/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: October 25th 2009
Website: www.myspace.com/ultimatummetal