Grave Forsaken
This Day Forth
Style: Thrash Metal
Release date: May 22nd 2009

What comes from far has to be good.... With big expectations I pushed the play button of this Australian combo. Even before the first vocal lines I was surprised with the garage production. Nowadays thrash should explode out of the boxes. This production sounds much too clean and flat. I don't know if the band did it on purpose, but in the first song you can hear the guitar player changing from one chord to another. As if he has been playing the guitar for just 2 years.

The next thing that this lacks are good songs. Every song is so very common, no fantasy, nothing new and with very cliché filled singing lines. That brings me to the vocal part; Vaughan Gregory's harsh singing is very average and without a lot of variety and he never sounds really angry or aggressive. I would suggest him to listen to the new records of Warbringer and Lazarus A.D. and learn. When listening to those records, also invite the rest of the band and listen how a well produced thrash record should sound like.

I have the idea that the band has the right attitude and the will to go further with their band, but with this record I'm afraid they won't get the opportunity to leave 'down under'. Just in my home country there are 100 bands that can play at the same level as Grave Forsaken. On the next record they should come up with something better, and the stolen Slayer riff at the beginning of the song "Wasting Power" is not helping either. On the info sheet the band is recommended for fans of Megadeth, Tourniquet and Slayer. Musically they can be compared with this bunch indeed,  but they can't even stand in the shade just yet.

More trash than thrash.

01. No News... Ain't Good News
02. Mother of Harlots
03. This Day Forth
04. Celebrity Judge and the Sinners Part III
05. Wasting Power
06. Death Undone
07. Holy Blood
08. Affluenza
Label: Soundmass
Promotion:       Artist Worxx / Connecting Music
Distribution: Dr. Music Distribution
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: June 7th 2009