Ancient Dome
Human Key
Style: Bay Area thrash
Release date: January 15th 2009

Bay Area thrash from Italy? Yes, I know it sounds strange, but it is a fact. After a demo and an EP this is going to be their full-length debut. I must confess that they surprise me positively. The production could have been a little heavier and of course it is almost impossible for a band to write better songs than the Bay Area kings themselves, but they don't have to be ashamed.

In songs like "Ancient Dome", "Tyrants", "Human Key" and "Fall of Dominio" you hear that they have quality. Fast heavy riffing and fine guitar solos combined with the aggressive thrash vocals of Paul. "Cold September" is a kind of balladesk song with heavier parts in it, this I find one of the inferior songs. Also the track "Lost Creature" can't impress me. The final two songs are again of a better quality and leave a positive feeling behind.

If you like music influenced by Testament, Forbidden, Overkill, Metallica and Heathen, you should give this album a shot. They don't have the same quality in song writing yet, but that is perhaps only a matter of time.

01. Ancient Dome
02. State of Regression
  The Human Key Saga
03. Pt. I: The Defeat 
04. Pt II: Tyrants
05. Pt III: Human Key
06. Pt IV: Aeons
07. Pt V: Fall of Dominion
08. Cold September
09. Lost Creature
10. Architects of Dreams
11. Total Command
Label: Punishment 18 Records
Distribution: Masterpiece Disribution
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: March 23rd 2009