Black Anvil
Time Insults the Mind
Style: Black Metal
Release date: October 10th 2008

When you take the time to write in the press material, that your band “has only one priority: Playing real metal. No bullshit and gimmicks”, and even point out that its not about having a lot of ‘friends’ through MySpace, it might be a good idea to follow up on that statement… Black Anvil has 1100 friends through MySpace, and the page is loaded with t-shirts for sale, pics, soundbites and stuff. Easy boys, you only have one album out, remember? As far as gimmicks go… What’s the fucking point in mixing skater/street wear with oldschool corpsepaint, anyway?

Luckily a band is far more than image – well, in the metal scene at least, its that way – and Black Anvil can compose and play, that’s for sure. Few are the bands that holds the blood-smeared banner of traditional black metal high – among them Khold are the best example – but Black Anvil is fighting the battles of the North if ever a band did! It’s grim and thrashy, melodious and reeking with hatred and sorrow. It’s a new declaration of war, inspired by Immortal and Celtic Frost, though ideas of Burzum and Bathory, Darkthrone and Satyricon – in short, the very grandmasters of the genre – appears too, throughout Time Insult the Mind.

This I nothing like the symphonic/electronic new black of Dimmu Borgir. This is as non-mainstream as it gets, and is about time someone took that up again! In every song you will find a remnant of one of the old styles within the Norwegian era. The fast-paced battlecry, the sluggishly slow troll-hymn, the black n’ roll biker-hit, the melodic sorrowful ballad of grinding noise and screams, as a cavalcade of the early black metal culture. It’s pure nostalgia, with impure sound. And it’s amazing that a bunch of New Yorkers can make this.

The best song on the album is Dethroned Emperor (and I’ll not comment on that title at all!) Funny thing is, it’s a secret song – another one of those non-existing gimmicks, perhaps? You’ll find it if you scroll forward to track 77. An annoying idea that I never cared for. What’s the point?

The rating reflects that this music is really great, but that it’s obviously played by a gang of smart-asses that won’t even admit to being smart-asses.

01. Margin For Terror
02. Ten Talons Deep
03. Deathsomnia
04. On This Day Death
05. Release the Kraken
06. And You Thought You Know Pain
07. 777
08. L.T.H.L.T.K
09. Dethroned Emperor
Label: Monumentum
Provided by: Monumentum
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Martin Schjönning
Date: October 19th 2008
Website: Black Anvil @ MySpace