Interview with Tuomas & Heidi, Amberian Dawn (July 8th 2009)

Power of – ‘The Clouds of Northland Thunder’ is your second album, how does it compare to your first one ‘River of Tuoni’ and what progress do you feel you’ve made?

Amberian Dawn – TUOMAS: I think that this album is more advanced than our debut album. We also used a lot more time and effort in production and I hope it can be heard on this album. The style in this album is more symphonic, more aggressive and more diverse. We all are better musicians than on our debut album and because we have been playing more together, is our playing more tight and solid. 

Power of – what kind of expectations do you have for ‘The Clouds of Northland Thunder’?

Amberian Dawn – TUOMAS: We all in the band love this new album and we really enjoyed the whole process of making it. We hope that our fans will love it too and that we’ll get as much attention as possible with this album. So far it seems that reviews have been good all around the world.

Power of – If you had to chose one song you feel represents Amberian Dawn today, which song would you choose and why? Personally I would have a really hard time choosing a favourite.

Amberian Dawn – TUOMAS: I would choose a song from the new album, “Incubus”. I think it represents the music of Amberian Dawn very well. It has beautiful melodies, strong guitar solos and it’s very catchy. An other favourite of mine is “River Of Tuoni”. I have to mention that too, although you asked for just one song.

Power of – I use the term symphonic power metal to describe your style, do you feel that covers it, and what would you tell someone, who haven’t heard your music before?

Amberian Dawn – TUOMAS: Those definitions are always hard…but your definition is quite good actually. The problem is that in AD music is so many different kind of styles. On our new album is even one AOR kind of song, “Kokko- Eagle of fire”. We have also a progressive style, power metal style, hard rock style and many many more. 

Power of – How did you come up with the title for the album?

Amberian Dawn – HEIDI: There were many suggestions for the new album's name.

Actually we named few themes for the cover artist to already start planning the cover. He made a picture from themes like ice, snow, Kokko (the firebird) and the contrast between fire and ice. Right away we fell in love with the first picture he sent. We hadn´t made any decisions about the album name yet so we started to brainstorm possible names. Finally we came up with a sentence " The Clouds of Northland Thunder" from the lyrics of "Kokko- Eagle of fire" and actually the same sentence can be found from the English translation of the Finnish epic Kalevala. It suited the cover art more than well because in the cover you can see a figure of an eagle flying over the icy Amberian Dawn medallion. 

Power of - Who has produced and mixed the album? How does the final result compare to the idea you had going into the studio? 

Amberian Dawn –  TUOMAS: I was a musical producer on this album and I’ve been participating  in all phases of recording and mixing this album. It’s hard work but also very exciting. It all started by recording the drums. The second phase was recording the rhythm guitars. In this phase I also started playing because I played about half of the rhythm guitar parts. I have been monitoring or supervising all phases. In mixing phase I was present a bit less because the guy who do the actual mixing work, needs always some own space. Teropekka Virtanen was our mixing engineer. In fact Teropekka mixed half of our debut album “The River of Tuoni” last year. 

Power of - Tell us a bit about artwork… 

Amberian Dawn – HEIDI: The cover art is made by Tommi Häti, the same artist as on the "River of Tuoni" album. In the cover art on the "Clouds"-album as well as in the booklet there are some visions from the stories behind the lyrics. You can also find a continuing theme, a flying spark, from the whole booklet. The spark is also found from the lyrics of " Kokko- Eagle of fire". In the story Louhi, a powerful witch, stole the light from the Northland. Ukko, the supreme god, struck a spark from a Kokko´s feather to bring the light back into the dark Northland. However the spark escaped from it's cradle and fell through the heaven decks all the way to the sea and ended up into a pike's stomach. This story tells how the firebird Kokko floats across the decks to find the spark.

Power of - Amberian Dawn – any special story behind your name? 

Amberian Dawn – HEIDI: Yes. The name itself was brainstormed. We figured out that it would be nice to have a story for the name Amberian Dawn because it actually doesn't mean anything. Of course it could mean a dawn in a land or a region called Amber or an amber colored dawn but it felt quite boring. So, I made a fictive story for the name Amberian Dawn. It goes like this: " Stars shone brightly in the dark winter sky over the wilderness. Cold and dark was the reign of Winter. The Day wanted to give The Earth something to cope with the freezing Winter and The Earth wanted to give the Day something for the long hours in darkness. So the Earth gave The Day the most rare and beautiful gift from the abyss of the Ocean- a pendant of blue amber. The Day asked the Morning for something to give to the Earth. The Morning gave her a ray of a Sunrise- the hope of the day to become. When The Earth and the Day met in the horizon for just a few minutes during the sunrise the first sun rays caught the pendant. The sunlight shone through the beautiful blue amber colouring the sky with deep azure blue. The World named this hour the Amberian Dawn. "

Power of – Any touring plans – any festivals booked? 

Amberian Dawn – TUOMAS: Yes, we just recently played in Sweden Rock Festival and we are also doing one festival show in Finland this summer. We are still focusing on next fall’s European tour. We are now planning it and negotiating with several bands about doing on joint tour together. So far we have already confirmed to play in Metal Female Voices Fest in Belgium. 

Power of – Name the five musical pieces that you want to bring with you when we send you to hell or heaven!

Amberian Dawn – TUOMAS: If you’re talking about my own favourites and not the songs written by me, they would be: Yngwie Malmsteen: Rising Force, ABBA; Winner takes it all, ABBA; Let the music speak, Deep Purple: Perfect Strangers and  DIO: Sacred Heart. And if you refer to my own songs, they would be: River of Tuoni, Valkyries, Incubus, Lionheart and Snowmaiden. 

Power of - Thank you very much for answering my questions. Do you have any last rants for our readers? 

Amberian Dawn – TUOMAS: We are doing this work for you and we really appreciate our fans. Please write a message or comment to us on our official websites: and See you all on gigs.


Interviwed by Kenn Jensen

 Amberian Dawn - The Clouds of Northland Thunder

 Album available on
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